If You Have the Necessary Skills and Drywall Supplies, You Can Simply Replace Moldy Drywall

If you discover mold on your drywall due to a leak or perhaps a flood, you might wonder how to remove it effectively. If you are rather handy and have the necessary skills and drywall supplies, you can simply replace the affected panels. But if you prefer, there are ways you can remove mold from drywall without having to replace it.

moldMold on drywall is particularly hard to remove and it is better to have it replaced unless just a portion of the panel is affected. You begin by cutting off the mold above the area that is affected, be careful as to not disturb the mold spores. You will want to make sure you cut it all out. If you catch the mold in time, you stand a better chance that it has just affected the surface of the drywall and can be easily cut out.

If the mold hasn’t penetrated the surface of the drywall, all you really need to do is wash it off with soap and water. Make sure you allow the surface to dry thoroughly so the mold doesn’t come back. It is not recommended that you use bleach to clean mold. While bleach is quite capable of killing most of the mold, the small amounts left would likely regrow.

Mold is a health hazard and if you have a lot of mold, it can be a serious problem. If you are suffering symptoms from exposure to mold, seek help and call a professional that can develop a remediation plan.