You Have the Drywall Tools and Supplies So You Remodeled a Couple of Rooms in Your Home

You have the drywall tools, supplies and skills, so you went ahead and remodeled a couple of rooms in your home. The drywall looks great, now all you need is a little color, so you set out to get some paint to slap on the walls. But wait, choosing paint is not a simple task, in fact, if not done correctly, it could spell disaster. There are so many options when it comes to colors that is is quite easy to make a poor choice. Here are a few tips when you are ready to choose paint colors for your home.

Don’t Put The Paint Before The Room

It is a grave mistake to pick the color of paint for a room without all of the elements in place. If you pick a color before you consider window coverings, furniture etc., you can pin yourself into a corner as far as finding these types of items that will match. The best thing to do is have your room all planned out before deciding on a paint color, this way you won’t have to worry about finding lime green curtains to match your paint.


Colors That Are Too Bright

If you pick a really bright red paint for a room, make sure the rest of your furnishings don’t take it over the top. If you are choosing a bright and bold color, your furniture and that lamp shouldn’t have a strong red coloring to them. A bright wall calls for lighter and neutral colors mixing in make it work.

Consider The House As A Whole

Even in a smaller home, transitioning color from one room to another can be a bit tricky. Your bright pink bathroom will not transition well to your orange bedroom.


If all of your friends are painting their rooms in the same color because it’s trending, you might want to choose something else. It is one thing to follow a trend, but when that trend is overused it becomes overexposed and boring.

Try Not To Become Too Emotional

If your favorite color is red and you decide that is what you want for your bedroom color. The problem is red doesn’t really go with the decor. You might like red, but don’t let your emotional attachment dictate the color of a room.