Contractor Building Supply: Selecting The Right Wet And Dry Vacuum

If you are a contractor, CSR features a wide selection of quality construction building materials for your company. If you are in the market for wall and ceiling products, we feature a wide variety of materials and tools. Anyone involved in the construction industry understands the mess involved in the process, which is why you need the best wet dry vacuum. We feature many wet and dry vacs to choose from, so we would like to discuss what to look for in a shop vac. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacs need to be able to suck up screws, and heavier debris.

Wet And Dry Vac Types


When selecting a vacuum, you need to consider how far you’ll have to move your vacuum and your cleaning needs. Small-sized vacuums are very portable, but they don’t perform as well as medium and large vacuums. Medium-sized vacuums will perform better than their smaller counterparts and still remain somewhat portable. Large vacuums offer the most powerful suction, which is great for picking up the most challenging debris. However, the larger vacuums are also the bulkiest and least portable vacuums as well.


What kind of tools are included in the vacuum? The majority of vacuums include a utility nozzle for bulkier objects and a crevice nozzle for creases and corners. Some vacuums include a squeegee attachment for spills.

Swivel Fittings

When looking at vacuums, check to see if they have dust-swivel hose fittings to prevent kinks.

Dust Bags

Some vacuums include dust bags while others have the option for dust bag use. A dust bag functions to help keep the interior of the vacuum cleaner. Switching from dry to wet cleaning is a much easier process when you use a dust bag around the filter. Additionally, dust bags help for the filter to last longer and helps to maintain higher levels of suction.

Extension Wands

Extension wands are always a great vacuum accessory because they cut back on kneeling and stooping. The less knee and back pain, the better.


The best filters are pleated cartridge filters because they are easier to change. They are also less likely to experience nasty dust leaks than other filters.

Hose Lock

You want for your vacuum hose to fit as securely as possible onto the cannister, vacuums with hose locks are best.


If you will be using the wet function of your vacuum often, then consider buying a vacuum with a drain spout. With a drain spout, you can attach a pump and a hose so that you can easily empty the vacuum.

Tool Storage Options

A great option for a vacuum is tool storage to hold not only your extensions, but also your tools. Some vacuums even have storage space inside for your tools. We caution you to remain wary of storing your tools inside the vacuum because this is a very easy way to lose your tools.

Hopefully, this gives you some guidance for finding the right wet and dry vacuum for your construction building materials. Our building materials company features just about everything for your construction needs. Shop CSR Building Supplies today.