Building Materials Company: DIY Drywall Tips

CSR Building Supply is a building material company that mainly supplies materials to the construction industry. However, if you are deciding to take on a DIY drywall project in your basement or other room in your house, we can help. Whether you are repairing your drywall or installing new drywall, you will need the right tools. Today, we would like to examine the different preparations you must take when embarking upon a drywall adventure. Also, we would like to explain the different types of tools that you will need.

Schedule An Inspection

diy-drywall-1It’s important to schedule an inspection of your walls before you begin adding drywall to your house. Your inspector needs to examine the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems in your home to ensure the safety of your home improvement project. Also, you want to make sure that you are following all the building codes in your area.

Prepare Your Room

As with any project, proper preparations must be made to ensure the highest quality of work without sacrificing your personal safety. Make sure that your room is clean and that your tools are need close by for your convenience. The room that you are working in must be properly ventilated. Ideally, the temperature of the room should be no warmer than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of two days before beginning work.

Wear Your Safety Gear

Cutting drywall creates quite a bit of dust from the gypsum particles, so protect your eyes and lungs. In order to avoid eye and respiratory irritation, you will need to wear both a particle mask and safety glasses.

Tools You May Need

Some of the tools you will need are tools that you probably already have handy at home. The basics include a tape measure, chalk line, pencil, a T-square, and a framing square. You will also need sanding tools, taping knives, mixing tools, and drywall screws.

Drywall Saw
In order to get through to the gypsum core of the drywall, you will need a drywall saw.

Drywall Hammer
Please do not use a regular hammer on drywall. You want to use a drywall hammer so that it creates a waffle pattern that helps lock the drywall compound into the surface.

Drywall Screw Gun
In order to drive screws into the drywall, you will need a drywall screw gun. The clutches in a drywall screw gun dimple the sheet by going below the surface.

Utility Knife
You will need a utility knife to score the drywall panel.

Drywall Screws
Drywall screws are better than regular screws because they are more durable and secure.

Sanding Tools
Most likely, your work will have some slight imperfections, so you will need sanding sponges or sanding paper to smooth them out.

Joint Tape
The seams between drywall panels need to be reinforced with joint tape. Also, if there are any cracks in your walls, you can use joint tape to repair the cracks. Different types of joint tapes include paper tape and fiberglass mesh tape.

Joint Compound
When you embed the tape along the drywall seam, you will need to use either a premixed or a powdered joint compound.

Corner Beads
You will need corner beads to create a sharp 90 degree angle for the corners in your wall.

Are you ready to start your drywall project? Check out our professional drywall tools for high quality results. If you have questions, contact our building materials company today for more information.