If You Have the Necessary Skills and Drywall Supplies, You Can Simply Replace Moldy Drywall

If you discover mold on your drywall due to a leak or perhaps a flood, you might wonder how to remove it effectively. If you are rather handy and have the necessary skills and drywall supplies, you can simply replace the affected panels. But if you prefer, there are ways you can remove mold from drywall without having to replace it.

moldMold on drywall is particularly hard to remove and it is better to have it replaced unless just a portion of the panel is affected. You begin by cutting off the mold above the area that is affected, be careful as to not disturb the mold spores. You will want to make sure you cut it all out. If you catch the mold in time, you stand a better chance that it has just affected the surface of the drywall and can be easily cut out.

If the mold hasn’t penetrated the surface of the drywall, all you really need to do is wash it off with soap and water. Make sure you allow the surface to dry thoroughly so the mold doesn’t come back. It is not recommended that you use bleach to clean mold. While bleach is quite capable of killing most of the mold, the small amounts left would likely regrow.

Mold is a health hazard and if you have a lot of mold, it can be a serious problem. If you are suffering symptoms from exposure to mold, seek help and call a professional that can develop a remediation plan.

The Many Benefits of Drywall

The building materials you choose are very important because they will dictate how durable and long-lasting the structure will be. For example, many people choose drywall instead of other materials when building or remodeling because of the benefits it offers. If you don’t have drywall in your home or office building, here are a few reasons you might want to buy drywall supplies.


Easy to Repair

Drywall is as durable as plaster, but if you suffer cracks, chips or holes, it is a whole lot easier, cheaper and faster to make repairs in drywall. This one one of the bigger reasons why so many homeowners and business owners choose drywall over plaster. In addition, drywall is fire-resistant, which helps prevent fires from spreading throughout the entire structure.

Drywall is Versatile

Drywall is versatile in the sense that it can be customized according to the needs or preferences of a homeowner or business owner. For example, drywall can be made to be resistant to mold and moisture. So this is something you would choose if moisture or mold was a concern. Drywall can also be made to be soundproof, so if you don’t want to be bothered by street noise or your kid’s band practice, then this is a great option to choose.

Faster Build

Compared with plaster and other materials, drywall is much easier to build, which is another reason why it is so popular with business owners and homeowners. In fact, building with drywall is as much as eight times faster. This results in shorter downtime for a business and it saves a great deal of money in labor costs as well.


Smooth Surface

Drywall is pretty. That’s right, drywall offers a crack-free, smooth and seamless surface that looks attractive in any home or office. It is aesthetically pleasing and helps create a beautiful environment.

It’s Recyclable

It is always recommended to use materials that can be recycled. When you choose drywall as a building material, you are helping the environment and doing your part in contributing to the green movement.

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