CSR means Customer Service and Reliability. And as such we take similarly strong measures in our handling of customer information, which is collected only voluntarily and only to provide the best possible experience for our visitors. All exchanges of data on this site are protected by SSL protocol for the security of communication channels, which employs encryption and authentication methods to safeguard information.

The Type of Information We Collect

We may collect personally identifiable information from users during online inquiries, product purchases and newsletter signups. This type of information can only be given voluntarily by the user, who may also refuse to provide such information. However, without these details certain functionalities on the site will not be possible.

We may also collect non-personally identifiable information from users once they access and interact with our site. This information includes but is not limited to browser name, operating system, geographical location and the device used to access our site. These details can be collected through the use of cookies, which are bits of text placed on the user’s computer to streamline the browsing experience and to provide us with statistics about site use. You can choose to disable cookies through your web browser, but doing so may hinder certain functions.

Handling of Information

At CSR we maintain strict controls over all collected information, implementing a variety of security measures to protect user data. Only CSR employees formally trained in privacy procedures are allowed to handle user information. We store collected data in encrypted, password-protected databases. All transactions on our site occur via an SSL-protected channel to ensure the safety and integrity of user information.

Please note that we will never sell, distribute or trade user data to any third party.

If you would prefer to speak directly to a CSR representative, please call us directly at 905-761-1002 or visit our Connect page for more information.