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Access Panel with drywall board inlay 1/2″ & 5/8″


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Access Panel with Drywall Board Inlay

The access panel consists of a welded aluminum frame and is available with 1/2″ (12.7 mm) or 5/8″ (15.9 mm) inlayed drywall and two latches.
Both an outer and an inner frame assembly consists of high grade aluminum which is bonded with a special welding process.
For sizes 12” x 12” (305 mm x 305 mm) and up the access panels are equipped with a safety-system to prevent accidental opening. This safety system must be reattached if the hatch is removed.
A reveal of just 1/16″ (1,59 mm) is all that is visible of the access panel that blends into a wall or ceiling.
The concealed snap locks open the access panel when pressure is applied to the spring loaded latch side.
The panel door is equipped with a perimeter seal.

Available Online, not all sizes stocked in our Retail Store.

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Dimensions N/A

8" x 8" (203 x 203 mm), 12" x 12" (305 x 305 mm), 16" x 16" (406 x 406 mm), 18" x 18" (457 x 457 mm), 20" x 20" (508 x 508 mm), 24" x 24" (610 x 610 mm), 24" x 36" (610 x 914 mm)

Drywall Thickness

1/2" (12.7mm), 5/8" (15.9mm)

Product Code

DF203203G127, DF305305G127, DF406406G127, DF457457G127, DF508508G127, DF610610G127, DF610914G127, DF203203G159, DF305305G159, DF406406G159, DF457457G159, DF508508G159, DF610610G159, DF610914G159