Columbia 8pc Finishing Set


$2,060.88$2,694.71 $1,648.70$2,155.77

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Columbia 8pc Finishing Set


$2,060.88$2,694.71 $1,648.70$2,155.77

Columbia 8pc Finishing Set

Loading Pumps

Cleaning a Pump doesn’t get any easier than this! Columbia Quick-Clean Mud Pumps feature quick-release clamps on head that allow for easy removal of the pump tube from the head. This allows for easy and quick cleaning of the entire unit, and is especially useful when using fast setting joint compound (a.k.a Hot Mud.) All Mud Pumps are available in Canadian versions which offer a longer tube length allowing for use in “Canadian Style” pails. Our Pumps are built to exacting air-tight standards making them the easiest to pump and prime. They’re fabricated with an anodized aluminum cylinder, durable stainless steel shaft, a precision machined cast aluminum head, and a tough, smooth solid aluminum leg. Whether you are using quick-set mud or any other type of joint compound, we have the pump for your bucket. Stainless Steel Box Filler and Gooseneck sold separately.

Billet anodized leg is sturdy, well balanced, and easier to clean

  • 20 degree angled handles provides enhanced leverage resulting is less back strain and easier pumping.
  • Increased Gooseneck diameter for faster filling, and solif billet tip for lifetime usage
  • Gooseneck has soft-grip “taper-saver” on tube rack to increase life of Automatic Taper tube
  • Billet Aluminium link on Mud Pump will not wear or crack like competitors cast aluminium parts
  • Pumps feature soft grip handle and billet aluminium ball end for comfort

Flat Finishing Boxes

New and improved “No Swell” gaskets. Rubber-gasketed bar system stays flexible, and rubber roller wheels provide soft ride, even when dirty. The moving axle allows better control.

Springs not required! Our hinged door design allows for quick cleaning, and the ability to run with or without door springs. Use one spring, two springs or no springs at all!

Fat Boy Boxes

Need a larger, stronger box with greater mud capacity for loading flats and butts? We are proud to meet your needs with the Fat Boy Boxes. Available in 8”,10” and 12”sizes these boxes really go the extra mile. Fat Boy’s holds approximately 40% more compound than standard boxes. Saving you many trips to the pump.

Automatic Flat Boxes

The Automatic Flat Boxes reduce the need to push the compound on to the wall. By engaging, the box springs put pressure on the compound chamber requiring only a light push to operate the box. Well-built and fine-tuned to offer great flat joints for years.

Flat Box Handles

The 180° Grip feather weight Handle allows for continued braking over the entire range of motion – a complete 180 degrees. This ensures that you never slip or loose your grip when adjusting your position. A very versatile design that provides the best possible braking at any angle. Extra strong billet aluminum design for years of rugged usage. Less moving parts mean less breakdown.

Extendible Box Handles

We are excited to introduce the new and improved, highly versatile, Hydra-Reach 3.0 Box Handle. Capable of lengths extending from 42”(1066.8mm) to 63” (1600.2mm). Our Patented hydraulic actuated brake system allows continuous braking throughout extension. The hydraulic system also allows braking with only a minimal amount of pressure on the handle. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs. our Hydra-Reach 3.0 is the lightest extendible flat box handle on the market. Rigid hex tube design limits flex and maximizes energies at all lengths. Precision machining for utmost durability and

The Hydraulic Power Grip is a light touch systems that allows you to achieve more pressure with less force. This entirely closed hydraulic system is clean and carefree – no mess, nothing to fill. The new design features a smaller reservoir that is out of the way, an easier to grip lever, a soft grip for more comfort and our new thumb-click extension mechanism.

Corner Flusher Boxes

Our durable billet aluminium cone is lightweight and designed to last a lifetime. Does not pit and rust through like other designs made from nickel plated mild steel.


Specially angled to access tight corners, the billet aluminium cone dispenses the proper amount of drywall compound smoothly and evenly. Coupled with our billet aluminium corner finishers, our corner boxes are unbeatable.

4 ft. Fixed Length Fiberglass Handle and New ReachLine 3-5 ft. Extendable Corner Flusher Box Handles available.

  • Available in 7 inch (7CFB) or 8 inch (8CFB)
  • Thumb release door stop for quick clean
  • Billet handle mount will not crack under pressure, like cast aluminium. Gun metal anodized.
  • New and improved Polyurethane No-Swell Gaskets. Use just about any lubricant or solvent without harm.
  • Hinged door system for quick clean and easy access
  • Solid stainless steel value for lifetime usage. Will not leak like other welded thin wall designs.

Corner Flusher Box Handles

4 ft. Fixed-length Fiberglass Corner Flusher Box Handle for use with all Columbia Taping Tools Angle Heads. Works with all industry standard Angle Heads, and most Corner Flushers.

By now, you’ve probably used a ReachLine handle to roll your corners with your Corner Roller and wipe your angles with your Angle Head. Why not use the ReachLine Extendible Corner Box Handle with your Corner
Box? Our extendible handle reaches from 3′-5′ in length for better versatility.

Angle Heads

We believe the Columbia Angle Head to be the best Corner Finisher that money can buy! Our Angle Heads finish angles quickly and professionally with the correct, consistent amount of joint compound and the proper feathering of edges. Precision machined billet aluminium head and durable stainless steel wings ensure longer wear and performance.

  • Fool Proof Locking Mechanism locks Angle Head on the ball
  • Stainless steel wings last much longer than nickel plated
  • Solid billet aluminium body for long life. Last much longer than cast body. Anodized gun metal colour.
  • Wings are engraved for identification (Left and Right)