Columbia Automatic Taper Combo

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Columbia Tools

Automatic Taper

Columbia is proud to offer you the finest Automatic Taper on the market. This precision engineered tool is designed to be the lightest, fastest and smoothest running taper on the market. Built with durable stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum parts, it offers many years of rugged use.


Knurl grip control tube allows for secure grip even when slipery. Handy pull ring on hand grip to let you cut tape with ease while taping high joints. Clutch release shaft and pulley wheel are split to reduce drag while creaser wheel is in use. Larger wheels on cutting system to make cutting much smoother.

  • Removable Taper Cap
  • Knurl Grip Control Sleeve with Finger-Grab Ring
  • Adjustable Tape Spool Bands
  • Adjustable Wheel Tension
  • High-quaility billet aluminum maching
  • High-quaility stainless steel components


Simultaneously applies tape and joint compound to horizontal wall joints, ceiling and butt-joints, and internal angle joints.


Loading Pumps

Cleaning a Pump doesn’t get any easier than this! Columbia Quick-Clean Mud Pumps feature quick-release clamps on head that allow for easy removal of the pump tube from the head. This allows for easy and quick cleaning of the entire unit, and is especially useful when using fast setting joint compound (a.k.a Hot Mud.) All Mud Pumps are available in Canadian versions which offer a longer tube length allowing for use in “Canadian Style” pails. Our Pumps are built to exacting air-tight standards making them the easiest to pump and prime. They’re fabricated with an anodized aluminum cylinder, durable stainless steel shaft, a precision machined cast aluminum head, and a tough, smooth solid aluminum leg. Whether you are using quick-set mud or any other type of joint compound, we have the pump for your bucket. Stainless Steel Box Filler and Gooseneck sold separately.

Billet anodized leg is sturdy, well balanced, and easier to clean

  • 20 degree angled handles provides enhanced leverage resulting is less back strain and easier pumping.
  • Increased Gooseneck diameter for faster filling, and solif billet tip for lifetime usage
  • Gooseneck has soft-grip “taper-saver” on tube rack to increase life of Automatic Taper tube
  • Billet Aluminium link on Mud Pump will not wear or crack like competitors cast aluminium parts
  • Pumps feature soft grip handle and billet aluminium ball end for comfort


This tool lives in your mud bucket and loads Columbia Tools with joint compound. Our Mud Pumps love mud!

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 55 in


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