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NorthStar™ Finishing Starting Set


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NorthStar™ Finishing Starting Set

10″ FAStar Flat Box (012)
12″ FAStar Flat Box (013)



  • High quality CNC machining;
  • Adjustable crown dial ensures precise amount of mud application;
  • Anodized surface for durability;
  • Door opens extra wide for easy clean up;
  • Manufactured from precision extrusions;
  • New easy clean door tabs;
  • Factory arced trowelling bars (ready to go out of the box)
  • Stainless steel square edge blade in the trowelling bar to help eliminate fish-eye;
  • 8”, 10” and 12” sizes have a lead-in angle on the trowelling bar to aid eliminating fish-eye;

The key wear components of the FAStar™ Finisher Flat Boxes are interchangeable with most other brands to provide easy access to wear parts when required.


Fill the box with compound using the box filler nozzle assembly and pump the compound into the front opening of the flat boxes. Starting at the beginning of the joint press the box firmly against the wall and pull in a steady smooth even stroke along the joint to the end. If the joint intersects a corner, flip the box over and pull towards the middle until the joint is filled evenly. The wheels always lead when pulling the box leading with the handle. Lock the box in position using the locking lever on the handle to position the box at the beginning of each run.

  • Adjusting the Crown Adjustment Dial – Select the proper crown for each pass using the crown adjusting dial on the front of the flat box.
  • Recessed Flat Joints – After the first coat, if the tape flashes through the mud, reduce the setting down one number and re-apply.
  • Butt Joints – first coat should be applied with two runs down each side of the tape. Allow both runs of mud to dry. Apply a final finish coat down the centre of the first two side runs.

AdjuSTAR™ 2.0 Extendable Flatbox Handle

The AdjuStar™ Extendable Flat Box Handle adjusts from 40 to 62 inches. Lightweight at only 3 pounds. Fits all major brands of flat boxes.

  • Anodized aluminum handle;
  • Hard anodized inner tube (profile tube);
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips for comfortable use;
  • Extends from 40” to 62” creating flexibility;
  • Activator Plate has been heat treated and then heat treat nickel plating for durability;
  • Hard chrome pinch brake roller;
  • Brake lever – nyliner bearings inserted into the brake lever pivot bushing (no possibility of seizing and breaking connection rod);
    • Stainless steel connection rod;
    • Hard coat pinch brake in combination with hard coat brake rod for extended wear;
    • No-pinch brake lever handle grip cover;


Securely fasten handle to flat box using the wing nuts located on flat box pressure plate. Use brake lever to control the box angle.

Fastar™ Easy Clean Pump

  • New Billet aluminum leg (anodized and laser marked) with stainless steel chain holder;
  • New color – candy apple green and matte black;
  • New updated link – powder coated steel with locking bolt design;
  • Centreless ground stainless steel pump shaft – for straightness and precision seal;
  • High volume pump;
  • Fits in a standard bucket
  • Constructed from stainless steel and high quality alloy components for a longer life;
  • Removable barrel for easy cleaning;
  • Quick Release for easy cleaning;
  • Surface coat for extra protection and longer life;
  • Filter screen at base to prevent contamination of compound;
  • Barrel is a one piece CNC machined (barrel and collar);
  • Removable foot valve for easy cleaning and screen replacement.


The pump is used to fill the automatic taper, flat boxes, and corner boxes. The gooseneck is used to fill the automatic taper and a filler nozzle attachment is used for filling of the flat boxes and corner box. Constructed of stainless steel and alloy products and has a “Quick Release” for easy cleaning.

  1. Remove the pump from the bucket and clean off the exterior of the pump;
  2. Disconnect the filler valve/gooseneck and thoroughly flush out with clean water;
  3. Unlatch the tabs holding the barrel and remove the barrel;
  4. Pull pin holding foot valve and screen and flush with water and brush;
  5. Clean out the interior of the barrel and the piston of the pump with water and a brush or hose;
  6. The screen, gasket and O-ring should be checked periodically and replaced when worn;
  7. Lubricate with a non-penetrating oil and replace the barrel and re-engage draw latches;
  8. Replace foot valve and screen and reattach with pin.

Stainless Steel Filler Nozzle (009)

The filler nozzle attachment for the Easy Clean Pump is ruggedly constructed of stainless steel construction with components welded for strength and long life and finished with an exclusive chrome-look finish. The filler nozzle is the attachment used to fill the flat boxes and corner box.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Shrome look finish


Clean tools with water and a hose. Disconnect the filler valve and thoroughly flush out with clean water.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 50 in