NorthStar™ Full Elite Taping and Finishing Set


From: $5,131.41 $4,361.69


NorthStar™ Full Elite Taping and Finishing Set


From: $5,131.41 $4,361.69

NorthStar™ Full Elite Taping and Finishing Set

NorthStar™ automatic drywall taping tools, the tools you will be proud to call your own. Engineered and Assembled to run right out of the box each and every time. This is our commitment to our customers. From the original inventor/manufacturer of the NorthStar™ Tool line.

Elite Series Automatic Taper

Presented with great pride. The ELITE SERIES AUTOMATIC TAPER is now available to our customers.

  • New tape keeper system for easy access and change of tape roll
  • Exclusive new locking system
  • Major components are precision machined from billet aluminum
  • Major components are hard anodized for durable and corrosion resistant finish
  • Drive chains, Side plates and creaser arms constructed of stainless steel
  • Holds up to a 500 ft standard 2” tape roll
  • Cuts tape with a simple pull
  • Automatically feeds tape and mud simultaneously to reduce work time.

FASTAR™ Clean Pump, Gooseneck & Box Filler

Pump used to fill the automatic taper, flat boxes, and corner boxes. The gooseneck is used to fill the automatic taper and a filler nozzle attachment is used for filling of the flat boxes and corner box. Constructed of stainless steel and alloy products and has a “Quick Release” for easy cleaning.

Elite Series Corner Roller

Billet aluminum fully rebuildable body

MASTAR™ Angle Heads

Finishing Heads available in 2.5″ and 3.5″ sizes.

7” Corner Box

  • Stainless steel nose cone
  • Staked anodized aluminum construction
  • Handy flip door for easy cleaning
  • Filler valve for easy filling using filler nozzle
  • Computer machined and precision assembly for smooth operation
  • Anodized surface coat for extra protection and extended life

AdjuSTAR™ Angle Head, Corner Roller And Corner Box Handles

These well built, lightweight, handles are strong and rugged and have become the extendable handle of choice for the professional.

AdjuSTAR™ Extendable Flatbox Handle

The AdjuStar™ Extendable Flat Box Handle adjusts from 40 to 62 inches. Lightweight at only 3 pounds. Fits all major brands of flat boxes.

FASTAR™ Finisher & High-Top Flat Box Series

  • High quality CNC machining
  • Adjustable crown dial ensures precise amount of mud application
  • Anodized surface for durability
  • Factory arced trowelling bars (ready to go out of the box)
  • Stainless steel square edge blade in the trowelling bar to help eliminate fish-eye
  • Exclusive axle pivot door allowing the door to be opened farther for easy clean-up
  • May be operated without springs if you choose
  • Reinforced extruded radius plate is rigid and virtually leak-proof
  • High-Top Flat Boxes have 30% higher capacity allows you to stay on the wall longer with fewer trips to the pump

The key wear components of the FASTAR™ Finisher Flat Boxes are interchangeable with most other brands.


Clean tools with water and a brush or hose and then lightly coat the tool with non-penetrating oil to ensure a proper working condition. During use do not allow compound to dry on the tool by placing it into a clean bucket of water.