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Trim-Tex Mud Set Adjustable Inside Corner


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Mud Set Adjustable Inside Corner

Go paperless with Mud Set Beads. Patented Mud Lock technology increases the bond strength 3.5x greater than typical paper covered metal, making Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads the strongest bead in the world.  Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads also save 25% on Labor by allowing the fill coat to be applied the same day.

  • Hinge design allows bead to adjust to finish an inside corner from a 70° to a 150°.
  • Creates a sharper finish than paper tape.

Available in 8’and 10′ lengths


*15% off Trim-Tex beads for in-store purchases!  Please call (905) 761-1002 for enquiries.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs

8' (50 PCS. per Box), 10' (50 PCS. per Box)